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Vaibhavi/ Book Edition

Vaibhavi is an artist with a decade-long practice based in India, recently making a move to Manchester, UK, in pursuit of new opportunities alongside her partner, who is a doctor in the NHS. Having received her post-graduation and earlier education in India, Vaibhavi's artistic journey has been deeply influenced by her teenage memoirs, shaping the concepts in her ongoing artworks.

Her body of work primarily draws inspiration from her relationships, exploring themes of intimacy, sensuality, eroticism, shapeliness, and the complexities of relationships. These themes are a reflection of the insights gained from her emotional experiences, which she holds dear and seeks to cherish through her art.

The symbolic representation of her relationships involves the use of cacti, drawing structural similarities between cacti and the male figure. The characteristics of both, being rigid, rough, and masculine, align in her perception. The flower on the cactus symbolizes fragility, seasonality, and femininity, representing either herself or the females encountered in her works.

While her initial works were deeply personal narratives, Vaibhavi has shifted her focus towards the visual aspects of her art over time. Experimentation with different mediums, shapes, and sizes, including resin, videography, photography, and porcelain clay, adds versatility to her creations. Scribbling, seen prominently in her works, serves as a symbolic expression of chaos, emphasizing the importance of stability in relationships.

Despite the diversity in mediums and techniques, the underlying thematic consistency forms a connecting thread throughout Vaibhavi's artworks. In essence, her works serve as a reflection and reminiscence of her life experiences.


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