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Vanessa Onuk/ Nude Art

Vanessa is an artist born and living in Frankfurt am Main. Her works mostly deal with abstract depictions of landscapes or forms that flow into one another and have arisen from the imagination. For her, art is the perfect way to express feelings and to get back to the childlike joy in simple things like craftsmanship, colors and the mere process of creating, which should also remain with us adults for a lifetime. The process of paintings is defined by heavily layered and mostly transparent acrylic technique on canvas, mostly on pure linen. Particular attention is paid to the blurring of silhouettes and forms, which is intended to reflect the subjective view of a landscape representation. The technique consists of a mixture of sharp lines and color gradients that flow into one another, partly accompanied by freely flowing colors in wet-on-wet technique.

The same thechnique is featured in her figurativ work, where she draws the illusion of shadows on a human body in abstract patterns. Her painting are heavenly influenced by her former work as a general doctor and her studies of the human body.


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