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Victoria Rose Richards

Victoria Rose Richards is an autistic embroidery artist from Devon, UK. In living in the countryside in a place of outstanding natural beauty, Victoria is surrounded by inspiration for their art in the endless fields and meadows, lush forests, winding rivers and reaching moorland. Now, four years after starting embroidery landscapes, she has specialised in aerial views and use a combination of stitches on felt sheets to create aerial landscapes based on the Devon countryside. Victoria is particularly inspired by the shapes that naturally form in the land and are made to form by agriculture, seemingly perfectly fitted together yet forced… she also loves the feelings of nostalgia the form and colours of the countryside can invoke. How many people have fond memories of visiting the countryside as a child? In these idealized scenes, Victoria tries to express a nostalgia that is both comforting and bittersweet, bringing back rose-tinted memories of simpler days past.


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