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Wendy Healey/ Book Edition

Wendy Healey lives and works in Herefordshire. Inspired by her surroundings she explores beginnings, endings, our bodies, our minds-what makes us who we are-humanness. Early sensory connections to her birthplace Vancouver Canada and memories of a feral childhood in the Midlands countryside, permeates her practice.

Following the rhythm of found, natural and manufactured materials her making is intuitive and spontaneous. She creates a new kind of materiality by fusing and transforming things. Discarded debris, mud, brambles, muslin, dough, plaster, plastic, baby wipes….are brought together and renewed emitting a life of their own. A reenergised life permeates her sculptural work.

As an experienced Child Psychotherapist her artwork explores the conscious and unconscious slippery interface between our internal and external worlds.

Her paintings, sculptural forms and non-forms inhabit an ephemeral ‘in-between place’. Fragile yet resilient her sensory work reflects humanness, our environment and what shapes our identity. Simultaneously her work can attract and repel, evoke a complexity of emotions by revealing physical and psychological aspects of ourselves.

Wendy’s intention is to encourage the viewer to reflect and engage in an interactive process with her work by exploring our amazing internal and external landscapes.


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