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Women Art/ Special Edition

"If I speak in a voice which is my own, it’s bound to be the voice of a woman”. Isabel Bishop.

For the Special Edition, we are looking for women artists, working in different media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, textile, ceramics, jewelry, crafts, collage, illustration, photography, mixed media, installation, and digital art.

In addition, we would like to include poems or stories as well, don’t be shy writers and poets, send us your piece of work for consideration.

Each artist will get 5-8 pages, including biography, artist statement, personal interview, and artworks. Each writer/poet will get 3-4 pages, including their stories/poems, biography.

Submission is free, 20 EUR for selected artists.

Requirements: Biography, Artist statement, 4-20 artworks (photos must be high-resolution), portrait photo, Social media links, website and feel free to include any additional materials.

Deadline: 03/13/2022

How to Apply: Send us the required materials via the WeTransfer link at

Contact Information:


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