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''As I approach a blank canvas, a blank page, or a clean audio track, I prepare by briefly meditating and clearing my mind, focusing on the task ahead, the purpose of the work, or the message I intend to convey. I work deliberately, taking care of every detail of the creative process; enjoy calm, comfortable surroundings, free of distractions and noise, devoid of negative thoughts, intoxicants, or stress; and remain aware of the need for periods of rest and reflection. Adhering to these simple rules allows me – as a vessel channeling the muse – to utilize the skills I possess to their fullest potential, and enjoy navigating through the creative process to bring new art into the world.''

Walter Lee Allen III is an artist, writer, editor, and educator based in Tangier, Tbilisi, and Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and pursued a career in broadcasting and audio production until he delved into art, focusing on photography and painting. He served as a secondary education Peace Corps Volunteer from 2005 to 2007 in Gori, Georgia, then in 2009 co-founded with another former volunteer Open Maps Caucasus, an open-source mapping initiative that he managed from his home in Gori. He relocated to Tbilisi, working with community and business leaders, and taught at the Giuvy Zaldastanishvili American Academy in Tbilisi and Nata Buachidze’s Studio. In 2011 he accepted a position at the American School of Tangier, where he taught art, advanced drawing, chess, creative writing, drama, history, literature, and research, and edited Al Tanjaoui. He continues to engage in projects aimed to protect the environment and nature and is often found exploring Spain, which serves as a waypoint as he travels between Georgia, Morocco, and the United States. He is the proud son of Melanie and the proud father of Sofia.

Self-portrait. Digital painting, 1404 x 1528px. 2022
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