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101 contemporary artists and more... VOL4

The idea of Collect Art came to light at the end of December 2019, to support Georgian and international artists during the pandemic, however, the experience accumulated over the years and current processes pushed us to play more with Collect Art and give it different workloads.

Every day we have accessibility to visually imagine things, that’s how the art works, made choices about in its presentation, a diverse range of activities, which create visual, ordinary, or performative artworks, that express artists' imaginative and technical skills, that can be either appreciated for its beauty or emotion, idea or primitivism.

The book series ‘101 contemporary artists and more…’ is an aesthetic version of, what nowadays art gives to the viewer, and how contemporary art and literature can bond together. With this series, we would like to show readers and viewers those artists and writers, who write today's history, artists to follow and the writers to read, address and confront with something unusual and unexpected, we would like to respond that makes us feel emotional, sometimes stupid, naked and at the same time natural.

The purpose of Collect Art is to build a bridge between Georgian and international cultural events and artists, to give a chance others to think from a different perspective, and to make art even more accessible to those interested in the field of culture.


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