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Alexandra Leadbeater/ Summer Issue/ Sea in Me

''My work is inspired by the sea from the frothy sea’s edge to the distant horizon. The nearest wave as it crashes or simply washes on the shore is an endless fascination as colour and form exist in a unique moment and my aim is to capture the energy and feeling of being in a wave rather than depicting the sea in paint. I am increasingly concerned about the plight of the ocean and am currently working on themes relating to plastic pollution and climate change.

I also make paintings of still life objects, often a simple domestic item such as a rusty enamel jug. Life-size with no narrative context, the layered paint and distressed surfaces suggest its use over a period of time. After a Foundation Course at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham I gained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art at Preston Polytechnic when it was at the Storey Institute in Lancaster.

My first exhibition was a sell-out, selected by Adrian Henri for the Serpentine Summer Show in 1981. I continue to show in various galleries and non gallery spaces and have work in several private and corporate collections. I teach small classes and welcome visitors to my studio in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex.''


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