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Andrea Shearing/ Nude Art

Andrea Shearing was born in Manchester, UK before moving to Switzerland where she lived between the age of seven to sixteen. On returning to UK she lived and did her first year at Art School in East Sussex before completing four more years training in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art 50 years later she has returned to East Sussex and lives in a small feudal village, nestled in the South Downs by the coast.

Finding the meaning and the link between the inner and the outer world is key to everything which inspires her. Without this there is nothing to communicate that will touch other people's spirit. Andrea has found that interpreting nature is the best vehicle for me to achieve this. Her mission explores the emotional symbolism of her subject matter. She wants her work to help people find an inner sense of peace and connection with nature's energy. My deep ambition and hope is that my work can ease the wounds of living, through inducing calm and peaceful reflection.

Andrea works in acrylic which is more suitable for laying flat areas of paint and as she prefers the challenge of composing in irregular shapes so works on MDF. She also has a passion for drawing and uses the complete range of graphite pencils and graphite powder.

I exhibit regularly in UK, Europe and USA. Some years ago I won a solo exhibition on the theme of H2O in London and am currently working towards a summer exhibition on the coast between Newhaven and Beachy head in East Sussex and later another on the Downlands and the Sea.


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