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Aoccho/ Spring Issue

Aoccho is a digital artist based in New York City, specializing in motion graphics. Through her artistic language, she explores the depiction of mental states and the relationship between visual perception, emotions, and sound experiences.

Driven by her multicultural background, Aoccho's interest lies in the narrative of language differences and the captivating language phonic experience. This diverse cultural influence also contributes to her varied aesthetic approach. Aoccho’s personal animated film has been invited to showcase at the Samskara Exhibition.

''My artworks are inspired by textual descriptions, phonic experiences and emotional experiences. Due to my multicultural background, I find it fascinating how various languages offer different ways of describing the same subjects and the unique manner in which languages express ideas truly captures my attention.

My intention is to visualize and embody textual descriptions, cognitive processes, and sensory perceptions, encompassing elements including written words, auditory stimuli, and emotional sensations. In my work, “Before even beginning”," I visualize the juncture where a new idea emerges suddenly, and the process of conceptualizing this new idea.

By blending motion graphics with linguistic exploration, my art seeks to create a connection between the viewer's senses and the diverse facets of human cognition.''


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