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Aylal Heydarova/ 101 contemporary artists and more.../ VOL4

Aylal Heydarova is an emerging Azerbaijani painter whose works span across a variety of artistic styles and creative techniques including pointillism, modernism and abstract. Strongly influenced by her family roots and the vibrant culture of Azerbaijan, Aylal began painting from a very young age in her father’s workshop and has since led an invigorating career creating world-class artwork and showcasing them in international galleries, exhibitions, biennales, and art competitions.

With her distinct individualistic approach, Aylal’s paintings are highly appreciated by her viewers, who are usually overwhelmed by the brightness and combination of colour, clear composition, and beautiful artificiality. Looking at her work we are often met with a gentle breeze, where an optical effect comes into fruition, and we see an exact depiction of reality appear before our eyes. Her creativity lies in parallel with a global vision of the cosmos, combining elements of nature, the culture of her homeland, and the universal values of human beings – all these deep concepts flow through together to deliver an abstract conceptualisation of reality that aims to connect people through the colours, techniques, and emotions she portrays in her artwork. It is rare that we see such boldness and purity in one’s art. The beauty in her creativity lies within the fact that her art is not bound by any rules – its irreplaceable. It was created by a unique and unrepeatable soul, who strives to reinvent the way art is created, so that the boundaries of established laws are trailed and given a new meaning and perspective.


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