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Bach Singh/ 101 contemporary artists and more... VOL4

Bach Singh, the artist, has been shortlisted for the Contemporary Printmaking Prize in 2023. His journey as a printmaker has taken him through various esteemed institutions, including Worton Hall (Coriander Studios), Leeds Arts University, West Yorkshire Print Workshop, University of Leeds, Leeds Print Workshop, and Fundacio Pilar i Juan Miró.

In Bach Singh's printmaking practice, the central theme revolves around the creation and narration of stories, with a particular focus on human and sensory experiences. He cherishes the creative freedom that printmaking affords him, enabling him to delve into experimental compositions and styles, whether they lean toward the figurative or embrace mark-making, drawing inspiration from diverse sources. Crafting a series of prints further reinforces the concept of a narrative guiding the story's course, weaving a visual code through repetitive elements. In his eyes, each print represents distinct moments within a larger narrative.

Much like his drawings, Bach Singh seamlessly incorporates found objects, fabrics, materials, and natural elements into the intricate etching process. He derives immense satisfaction from the design journey involved in creating a print, from its inception to completion. Given the multitude of variables at play in etching, he often perceives his work as a collaboration with the process itself, where he retains control over the materials but appreciates their occasional deviations from the intended path, adding an intriguing dynamic to the creative process. He relishes the opportunity to embrace the unpredictability that certain aspects of the process bring, as it occasionally leads to delightful surprises.


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