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Bethan Harris/ Drawings & Sketches

Bethan Harris is a recent Fine Art graduate from Newcastle University, specialising in painting and drawing. After graduating in June 2022, she then became artist in residence for VARC at Highgreen for 6 weeks from July-August 2022. There, she responded to the beautiful Northumbrian landscape through a series of drawings. She particularly enjoyed using pastels that were locally sourced from Unison Colour, whom she has worked on further projects with. Since moving back to the South, she has maintained her practice in drawing and is currently exhibiting her work in a solo exhibition at Spread Creative in Essex for December 2022.

In her work, Bethan draws from aspects of the natural environment, which she transforms into imaginary landscapes, creating vibrant and textured surfaces through mark-making. From small sketches to large immersive drawings, her work plays with scale and distance. Through her fluid and intricate marks, Bethan captures patterns that she is drawn to in the natural world, such as the scales of a butterfly wing or the movement of light through trees. Her attention to detail invites you to look closer and beyond the surface of the image.


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