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Bianca Turner/ Spring Issue

Bianca Turner is a self-taught artist; she holds degrees in economics and biology. Turner is an Associated Professor at the University of West, Visual Arts Faculty in Timisoara, Romania lecturing about "The Business of Art '' and the importance of art in economy. Turner works from her home studio in Los Angeles.

''The art that I create is deeply inspired by nature and its vivid colors, and by the societal issues that surround me. I see art as “the definition of infinity”. I feel that it’s important to bring awareness to the world regarding various problems that affect us, as a whole. The purpose of my art is to make my fans and the ones who see my work understand that Future, Hope and Success of the next generations start with every one of us. We should not say “I hope” - we should always say “I am hope” – this is at the foundation of my compositions.''


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