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Joan Brenda Hunt/ Book Edition

Updated: Feb 18

Joan Brenda was born, raised, and based in Amsterdam, she has a Dutch-Indonesian colonial background. Her parents, creative individuals passionate about art, instilled in her essential skills like drawing, painting, sewing, and basic woodworking from a young age. Enrolled in an art school for children under 12, she continued to cultivate her artistic talents. Later, as an adult, she pursued a 3-year art education at MKXtra Amsterdam while juggling her day job. As her artistic endeavors grew more substantial and consuming, she made the pivotal decision to leave her job, recognizing that art had become her primary purpose.

Her partner, Peter, serves as her muse, providing unwavering support. Though initially hesitant as a model, she skillfully captures his eye, symbolizing much more. In October 2023, she celebrated her first solo exhibition, following participation in various group exhibitions in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Marcia van der Hart
Marcia van der Hart
Feb 17

I met Brenda years ago. We worked for the same organisation. From the very start there was a click.  The recognition of an open mind, of passion and affection.

Within the field of work, it was soon clear that Brenda used a totally different eye for the objective at work. Her brain was always a few steps ahead. Her observations could not be captured by the eye alone. Her whole being was involved in the observations, allowing the eye to put the world around her in a different perspective.

Her way of thinking always strives for a better world.

What makes Brenda so special is her versatility. The smallest details do not escape her. Everything is included in the big…

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