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Brigitte AMARGER/ Book Edition

Brigitte AMARGER is a Paris-based visual artist, post graduated from Applied Arts High schools and Arts University of Paris, France. (1978).

She is a Paris-based artist who creates mural or sculptural achievements, interior and in situ installations that explore themes of nature, light, memory and human being.

Her practice includes numerical techniques, laser cutting and engraving, photography, painting, textile, mold sculpture and she works predominantly with the mediums of medical imagery, handmade paper, hot glue, textile, luminescent and reflective materials.

She is best known for large-scale X Rays installations and discarded materials artworks.

The diversion of materials, and more particularly of the support of medical imagery for artistic purposes and memory ends, is essential for her. Sensitive to ecological issues, she finds in her artistic practice a double direction, highly symbolic: create artworks by recycling discarded materials until zero waste.

Since 1978, AMARGER’s work has been exhibited internationally in solo and notable group exhibitions in contemporary art spaces and museums.

Artist’s work has been included in private and public collections worldwide, featured in various publications and had numerous distinctions.


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