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Caro Dranow/ Spring Issue

Caro Dranow is an emerging artist based in Bridgehampton, NY. A recent graduate

of Bowdoin College, her work is grounded in a rigorous observation of coastal New England and engages nature as both subject and inspiration. Large-scale and luminous, Caro creates her layered landscapes utilizing classical oil painting techniques, and inserts herself within the American canon of landscape painting. Caro identifies as a feminist and is deeply and committed to advocating for women’s rights. Using her formal knowledge of traditional oil painting to speak to a softness and resilience that she observes in nature, Caro aims to recontextualize the drama of modern ecological crisis and climate change. In doing so, Caro challenges the historically male tradition of landscape painting with a distinctly urgent and feminist perspective. At 24, she has been featured in premier galleries such as the Ethan Cohen Gallery and NewApostle Gallery in New York, and was included in the 2022 Every Woman’s London Biennial at the Copeland Gallery in London.


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