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Cesar Mammadov / 101 contemporary artists and more... VOL4

Cesar Mammadov is one of most prominent young Azerbaijani brush masters. He is graduated from Art School named after A.Azimzade (2004-2008) and Academy of Arts of Azerbaijan (2008-2012) and in recent years actively participated in art projects in Azerbaijan and abroad, where his works were exhibited at the most famous exhibition venues. “I love this life with a frenzy of love...” – this line from Vladimir Nabokov’s poem, is most probably the best description of creative belief of artist. In Cesar Mammadov’s paintings joy of existence is combined with friendly interest in the smallest details of life, and the romantic glorification of the beauty of nature goes hand-in-hand with display of creations of human hands on foreground; figuratively, and sometimes in the literal sense of the word.

Cesar Mammadov, an Azerbaijani artist, captures the essence of ordinary moments in his enchanting paintings. His compositions portray scenes from his travels around the world and his home country. Inspired by his father's artistic legacy and Azerbaijani culture, Mammadov combines the specificity of each place with universal significance. Impressive in his technique, Mammadov masterfully controls lines, light, and perspective, faithfully recreating landscapes that stay true to their origins. From Parisian rooftops to the rustic charm of Venice and the vibrant facades of Bilbao, he offers fresh perspectives through slightly flattened aerial views. Water emerges as a recurring motif, symbolising life's source and providing a serene backdrop in his depictions of canals, ports, beaches, and rainfall.


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