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Chloe Sargent/ Queer Art

Clo is an artist based in Plymouth, UK. They create illustrations and is involved in Plymouth's street art scene. With a degree in Animation, their work is informed by the practices of moving-image formats. Investigating themes such as queerness, femme-hood and the surreal, they use vibrant colour palettes to highlight the exploration of aggressive self-acceptance through camp aesthetics. Clo has worked with poets, writers and other creatives in previous projects to develop their skills in world building. Their work is featured throughout the streets of Plymouth, on the Polyester Dollhouse blog and they are a regular participant in local exhibits.

I think of my illustrations as film stills, at any point the subjects could come to life and tell you about their thoughts, feelings and experiences. My work is focused on fostering environments with optimistic realities; indulging in a narrative through busy backgrounds and compelling characters. Cinema is an immense influence on my work and I rely on the universal film language to give my characters life. The goal is for the audience to live vicariously through these stills.“


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