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Claire-louise Pitman/ Nude Art

Claire-louise Pitman was born in Somerset where she had her first major operation at just a few months old. As a child she enjoyed forest school. Now she is closer to nature because of it. College is where Claire-louise found photography in gcse art. At college she studied fine art for 4 years which led her to being a photography graduate at Plymouth university. Her work has been exhibited as a group in; Somerset, Plymouth, Romania and New York. Currently the artist is taking a gap year but being open minded as who knows what is to come.

Claire-louise Pitman is an eco-conscious, disabled, cameraless artist. This is done by using sustainable photographic light processes such as; chlorophyll printing, cyanotype printing and scanography. Meaning no harm has been made to the environment. With this in mind the artist is avoiding purchases of new materials or equipment when working on project’s.


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