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Claudette Forbes/ Sculpture & 3D Art

Claudette Forbes is an award winning ceramicist, graduating with Distinction from Morley College, London with a Higher National Diploma in Art, Design & Ceramics.

She was born and raised in inner city Bristol, England, the child of first generation Jamaican immigrants. As a teenager, the race riots in her neighbourhood in 1980 made a lasting impression on her. Her curiosity about the government's attempts to fix things ultimately led to her pursuing a career in local area regeneration. These experiences are reflected in her art.

She creates ceramic art that is provocative, subversive, playful and humorous; seeking to test interpretations of the present day, whilst producing tangible objects that contain a certain beauty and references a past.

She brings her musical skills to create soundscapes to accompany her ceramic installations. These inspire and enhance her conceptual development and her making.


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