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David Crawford/ Spring Issue

"I like the notion of “Poiesis “. Bringing images and symbols into the visual realm, that go on to inhabit a shared human threshold through their aesthetic engagement and viewer reflection.

My Artworks can of course be read on many levels. Occasionally I just enjoy experimenting with colour and form. I am aware I have historically had a penchant for Nature and Landscape as subject matter. The play of light on a mountain or the preternatural feeling of a forest. Exploring natural forms in search of a “Prisca theologia” perhaps? 

I’m also not sure a visual language can be adequately described by words alone. It seems almost a betrayal of the true depth of an image to attempt to speak its full meaning linguistically. Far better to consider an artwork over time and see what comes to mind. I don’t however view my artworks from a singularly structured aesthetic paradigm or position. Rather its curiosity that propels me onwards. For me art ought to be both poetic and enigmatic, as opposed to purely empirically informed literal work. If my own artworks have a certain look then I hope, it’s a dynamic allusive one".

David was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and spent his formative years in the Northeast of England. He graduated with a Fine Art BA (Hons) degree in 1987 and his Curriculum Vitae lists multiple postgraduate qualifications. David worked as a specialist commercial Portrait Photographer, before concentrating upon his own artistic career.  To complement his personal visual arts practice David studied Art History at Oxford University, England. He has historically presented at national conferences and taught on a sessional basis in several UK universities on a range of diverse topics. He currently runs a successful studio in the Northeast of England. He resides in rural Northumberland. He has exhibited internationally and across the UK. His work is held in numerous private collections.


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