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Delnara EI/ Book Edition

Delnara was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated with a master's degree from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.Since 2014 she has been living and working on a continuous journey (more than 30 countries in Europe and Southeast Asia). Since 2020 lives mainly in Turkey.The author of the "Artbookmania" project and the curator of the "Meta-senses" gallery.The main medium is painting, collage and film photography. Works with watercolor, acrylic, monotype, mixed media.

''In my artistic exploration, I engage with the polysemy of the concept of "migration," seeking out new facets within a multicultural and multiethnic world community. The dynamics of perception, a rejection of settled life, and the theme of migration serve as tools for the constant re-actualization of my "mental map," allowing me to see more clearly by resetting the automaticity of perception. Nomadism, as a means of both cognition and estrangement, functions as a powerful catalyst for fresh perception when applied to the realm of art, creating space for the miraculous and the inherent manifestations of life itself.Following the onset of the war in Ukraine, my artistic practice takes on reflections of these poignant events. As a research-based artist, I approach historical and political moments through the lens of the natural world, intertwining the human experience with the broader context of our environment. Delving into the intersection of migration and conflict, my work becomes a nuanced exploration of the interconnectedness between human history and the rhythms of nature.''


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