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Elizabeth Hindle/ Summer Issue

Elizabeth Hindle is an Interdisciplinary Fine Artist living and working in the UK. Elizabeth is a Fine Artist, Artist Educator and one half of the collaborative duo Ridge & Scrase. Elizabeth graduated with a Fine Art degree in 2012 and has regularly exhibited in both the UK and internationally since then. Elizabeth is primarily a painter, although her practice has spanned multiple disciplines through the years and continues to challenge genres. Elizabeth describes herself as an abstract-expressionist and relies heavily on emotion and the concept of her inner self to influence her work.

Elizabeth's most recent paintings are dynamic abstract works focusing on the use of bold colour and geometric shapes juxtaposed with texture and expressive charcoal overlays. The use of compressed charcoal is heavily featured in her work, influenced by her early studies of abstract drawing and expressionist mark-making.

Elizabeth is a disabled, neurodivergent artist who identifies as queer and non-binary, which she reflects upon and uses as a positive drive within her work.


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