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Erika Zanelli/ 'In the City'

Erika Zanelli is an artist, based in Bologna, Italy. Her artistic career began with music as live performer and dj around Europe. She always needed to express herself through the creative process and playing music wasn't enough to deeply explore the reality that sorrounds her. Erika began to approach to photography by accident with an old polaroid camera of her parents. She shooted details that captured her attention and shortly her passion for photography allowed her to investigate herself, her everyday life giving a new sense to her connection with the world. ''At the beginning I spent many days in the streets capturing fleeting moments of live of unknown people. I'm a very curious person and I'm looking forward new challenges to overstep my limits and to experiment new forms of expression. I'm currently working on abstract photography combined with painting. The central themes of my works are reflections on feelings, the relationship between our lifestyle and time and new photographic ways to represent reality (abstract photography). I try the inspirations by everyday life, observing people while I'm sitting on a bench in my favorite park, camouflaging myself for self portraits and studying abstract painters as Kandinski, Mondrian, Pollock. My artistic journey is continuously changing and for me is the only way to become aware of myself. ''


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