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Fran Chambers/ Book Edition

Fran Chambers is an artist from South Yorkshire currently living in Cardiff. Predominantly working with video Fran creates highly saturated humorous art that aims to toe the line between fine art and humour, sci-fi and erotica. Frequently featuring herself with in the work Fran adopts many different characters and personas with in her work to explore different aspects of femininity.

''My work aims to imagine and envision a feminist utopian future. Through my own fascination with sci-fi films and literature I have bathed in a wealth of future idealisation and dissolution but when seen combined with future feminist thinking the notion of ‘utopia’ can only been imagined as a female conceptualised world of tactile connection and self love, juxtaposed with the unease of future technology. My work at its core is almost all about how a 21st century woman can dream and imagine the future. Using humour, voyeuristic snippiest of imagery titillates and seduces the forced infantilisation current society has enacted upon us. The tactile objects become a visual portrayal of my own desires of materiality, creating a surrogate for physical connection and pleasure. Thus creating my own intimate world of fabricated femininity by means of solo performance and the looped gaze. In this the camera becomes an observer that I perform to. It records an explicit experience of myself to myself. I become the observer observing myself.''


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