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Gemma Louise/ 'Circle'

''Creativity of any kind has been something I have always been drawn to. In my own practice I create expressionistic paintings as a cathartic process to express her emotions and navigate her thoughts. Coming from a working class family, and having roots in Derbyshire as well as the North East, I have strived forward and committed myself to my work, alongside my role working with children who have various circumstances. Inspired by the hues and pigments in various colour palettes, I explored fluidity that can be created with paint. Focusing on movement of the piece rather than the outcome produced this abstract piece containing waves of various colours and tones. This helped me express and trust my own movements and became a cathartic process to be apart of. My process requires the use, or more lack of, limited tools to create these expressionistic paintings. By using limited tools and making use of recycled canvases, it helps to create abstract work in a more eco aware way.''


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