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Giorgio Gerardi/ Autumn Issue

Giorgio Gerardi was born in 1953 and I live in Italy, in Favaro Veneto, Venice. Around the age of twenty, he approached the study of the History of Art, as an autodidact, and began his personal photographic research. He got fascinated by the artistic Avant-garde of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, and also the artistic currents of Minimalism and Conceptual Art. All these artistic phenomena attracted mostly because they focused on the analysis of the visual medium, then to the staging of reality and its representation, as the history of Art and Photography had instead accustomed us. In recent years, Giorgio has been focused on some details of the environment around him: clouds, leaves and everyday objects.

''The images that I present are part of the "clouds" project, a project that I started in July 2019 and that I have developed in several series, in color and in black and white, and this is one of the last. Clouds are a subject that has always fascinated me; they are something that changes constantly, to remind us of the continuous becoming of reality. They are something that has no shape of its own, but changes moment by moment, in ways that are always different and unrepeatable. They are light, elusive. They cannot be grasped, they cannot be touched, they remain something indefinite, almost unclassifiable.''


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