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Hagen Klennert/ Book Edition

Hagen Klennert was born in 1962 in Erfurt, Germany, he spent his formative years growing up in East-Berlin. From 1979 to 1984, he dedicated himself to teaching and worked as a stage painter. In 1985, seeking new horizons, he made a daring escape from East to West Germany.

Settling in Hamburg in 1986 marked the beginning of his freelance career as an artist. A turning point came in 1991 when Hagen returned to Berlin, a city that would shape much of his artistic journey. During this period, he established a fruitful collaboration with the composer Helmut Oehring.

For many years, he served as a visual artist for projects at the intersection of theater and new music, showcasing his multidisciplinary approach. Currently, he resides in Berlin, where he continues to live and work, contributing to the vibrant artistic landscape of the city.


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