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Iman Scheiko/ Queer Art

Iman Scheiko is a visual artist, born in Shiraz, Iran. Since 2009 he lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Scheiko is an explorer and wanderer between cultures. In his works he processes the different worlds between which he moves. Thus, he brings together ancient tradirions of Persian carpet weaving with the attitude towards life in Berlin, incorporates his experiences as a language mediator for LGBTIQ+ refugees. Scheiko's work is a bridge between worlds, offering an affecting narrative of cultural intersection and identity exploration.

'My artistic journey entered a new phase when I moved to Germany in 2009 and dove deeper into exploring the intersections of culture. I blend the ancient visuals of Persian carpet weaving with the complexities of life in Berlin. This comes from my Iranian background as well as my Berlin life. The one from the future, the other from the present.

The sobering chaos of iconic Persian patterns always comes back in one way or another. Some:mes it dominates a work, some:mes it’s a touch in the background, just slightly changing the atmosphere. I like to play with elements of paradox, seemingly symmetrical and harmonious but ultimately human in its essence. I chose to express myself both in form and color, and at the same :me engage with story and narrative. I use these components to extend my culturally open approach to the viewer and mostly confront them with queer and non-heteronormative masculine identities.

In essence, my art serves as a bridge, connecting the ancient with the contemporary, the past with the present, and the East with the West. It is a visual narrative that transcends borders and invites introspection, a testament to the enduring power of artistic exploration and cultural dialogue. Through my work, I hope to ignite conversations and encourage viewers to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and acceptance in an ever-evolving world.'


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