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Ira Chernova/ Spring Issue

Ira Chernova was born in Soviet Moscow. Books and movies played a big influence on her childhood. Her formal education is an engineer, however the first year at the university she knew something was off and her soul was longing for a different life. Ira picked up her mother’s 35mm camera , and it felt right. From there Ira started taking portraits of friends, and experimenting with self-portraiture. Tumblr was just starting back then, and it quickly became her window to the world, and it provided her an avenue to connect with like-minded individuals. Through self-portraits she learned about lighting and direction, which was incidental to starting her modeling career. It was exciting time. After bouncing around the world for a time, she moved to New York City. She learned English on her own through music and movies, and she was able to settle and focus on craft. In 2015 she started channeling various visions and ideas into primitive style drawings, after which time she began painting on nesting dolls, looking for ways to bring her upbringing and art style together in one art-form.


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