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Irakli Keidia/ Summer Issue

Irakli Keidia resumed his work at the end of his sports career. He was always fascinated by the artistic space, but his work in this field became a priority in recent years, especially in 2017.

In 2018, the author's debut personal exhibition called "Find Your God" was organized in the territory of Rooms Hotel, where the author presented 30 samples of his graphic works and three objects. The works were made with ink on a cardboard sheet and the objects were made of plastic. From the exhibition, 50% of the works and two objects were sold, which had a positive impact on the future of the author's creations.

The foundation of the author's next project called "Anunnaki Project" was laid in 2019. The source of inspiration for this project is the theory of ancient astronauts, which the artist discovered and learned in Sumerian mythology.

The author also created and published the graphic novel Anu (illustrated book). The work consists of 120 pages of text and up to 400 illustrations, whose name is Anunnaki.

The book is the first part of a trilogy. Currently, the artist is working on the second part of the trilogy, with the presentation of which the artist plans to publish his newly created works.


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