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Jadwiga Janowska/ Queer Art

Born in 1994, lives and works in Silesia, Poland. She graduated from the photography school in OpavaIn 2018, she won the main prize for photojournalism in the Young Poland category at the Grand Press Photo competition. Winner of the Jan Sawka award at the Fama festival (2021). Second prize for the Talent of the Year competition organized by Pix House (2021); her works have been presented in Poland and abroad.

“In my photography projects, I focus on identity: - the city in which I live. I made a project about a former military airport and a radio station in Gliwice, the place where the Second World War began in Silesia. - people. I photographed my friends - the project "I can do it when I grow up" was awarded at the grand press photo competition; myself, my friends around. Recently, I focus on identity issues, photographing queer environments in Silesia."


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