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Jennifer Friedman/ Summer Issue

Jennifer, a contemporary artist hailing from southern California, currently resides in Newport Beach. Her artwork is a celebration of travel, people, and escapism, showcasing her deep-rooted connection to her surroundings. In her latest collection, she takes viewers on a visual journey, documenting her trips through her unique lens and translating those experiences onto paper with her paintbrush.

Jennifer's primary interest lies in capturing and recreating the weightlessness and freedom felt while on vacation. She skillfully dissolves the ordinary aspects of daily life in radiant sunlight and vibrant colors, immersing viewers in a world where all worries fade away. By living in the moment during her travels, she encapsulates the landscapes and quiet moments of others as they too let go and exhale, leaving behind the burdens of everyday life.

Jennifer's artistic journey is characterized by a diverse educational background. She graduated from UCLA's Fine Art program in 2008 and later obtained a degree from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in 2015, specializing in Entertainment Design for Digital Production. Her skills as an animator and pre-visualization artist have allowed her to contribute to various film, television, and theme park projects.

Through her vibrant and immersive artwork, Jennifer invites viewers to embark on a visual odyssey, capturing the essence of travel, the allure of escapism, and the beauty found in everyday moments. Her creative endeavors reflect her passion for self-expression and her desire to transport others to a place of joy and tranquility.


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