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Jessica Swift/ Book Edition

Based in West Yorkshire, UK, Jessica Swift is a Bradford based 23 year old contemporary artist. After graduating with a degree in Fine Art from Leeds Arts University in 2021, she now works as a freelance artist taking part in exhibitions and shows with her contemporary paintings and sculptures, as well as teaching paintings and pottery classes at multiple venues around West Yorkshire. With Bradford being announced as the UK City of Culture for 2025, she is taking part in many opportunities, such as teaching pottery in Chemnitz, Germany, as well as working with different Arts Centers to develop workshops.

Swift primarily works in contemporary sculpture and painting. Interested in the methods of making, she aims to allow the viewer to think about the process behind her work, rather than just the finished piece. Her work values colour and texture by highlighting her methods of creation. Leaving brushstrokes, fingerprints, lines, dents and marks, she wants the audience to be involved in the creative process alongside her, encouraging conversations about different ways of learning, making and understanding the works development.


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