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JESUS MANUEL MORENO lives in Valencia, where he has lived most of my life. Also in Barcelona and Granada. He had 41 individual exhibitions in Spain and Portugal, made almost 200 collective and group exhibitions, obtained different awards and mentions. In 2003 he obtained a Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Granada (Outstanding Cum Laude).

For 15 years he been presenting his work from The Blanche Line series (La Línea Blanca), where the backgrounds of the paintings are entirely white. He concerns lies in being able to reflect the loneliness of the human being in our days, which is symbolized by the white that separates people, each day more isolated from others. He's very interested in representing the urban life of the European cities through which he travels. Also the scenes on the Spanish beaches where he goes to bathe. Of course, all the characters he represent are anonymous except those who represent his relatives.


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