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Jiageng Lin/ Spring Issue

Jiageng Lin (b.1995 Beijing) is a photographer as well as visual artist currently

based in Rochester, NY. After graduation from the MFA program majoring in

photo and related media, he works as a digital archivist at the Cary Graphic Arts

Collection at Rochester Institute of Technology. Jiageng’s work asks the

questions: How do we see the world? And, how does photography shape and

form our memory and mind? By integrating different mediums such as photo books,

collages, and installations is a way for him to push the boundaries of photography.

“ I’ve always been interested in how technology change the way we are living and

thinking. ’Say cheese!' is a body of work consisting of images that I’ve collected

from old camera manuals during the past few years. Besides the funny and

humorous aspects of those images, a hidden beauty could also be found. By

changing their context and presenting them in both book and installation form, I

consider the images as a way of looking back into the history of photography

and the relationship between humans and photography. When they are

rearranged in a carefully considered manner, new relations and meanings could

be created.”

Jiageng’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including

Rochester Contemporary Art Center; Gallery Q, Rochester NY; RIT City Art

Space, Rochester NY; JKC Gallery, Trento NJ; OFPIX Studio, Beijing China;

Modern Art Academy, Shanghai China; Millepiani Gallery, Rome IT; and others.

His work has been featured in numerous publications including Vast magazine,

Photography of China, AINT-BAD, Gelatin Magazine, Boooooooom, Floatmagazine.


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