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Jordan Delmonte/ 'Landscapes'

Jordan Delmonte is a landscape photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Specializing in long exposure landscape photography, Jordan has spent over 5 years photographing various locations across North America and Europe. After studying Art, Media, & Design at DePaul University, Jordan switched his focus to landscape photography. After spending 4 years building a gallery of images, Jordan began showcasing his work in a variety of galleries and art festivals in cities such as Chicago (IL), Nashville (TN), and Athens (GRC). Having lived in the midwestern US for 7 years, Jordan recently opted to make the move to northern Appalachia in effort to be closer to a wider variety of landscapes. Being out in nature remains fundamental to Jordan’s work. With the natural world constantly changing, he feels it’s more important than ever to capture moments as societal progression continues to have a negative impact on the environment.


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