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Joy Misu/ 'COLOURS'

Joy Misu (she/her) is a young, emerging artist based in Vienna, Austria, while being born in Germany, she also has Vietnamese roots. Her art is a mixture of body positivity, feeling confident, and educating her surroundings about sexuality and womanhood. With mostly black ink, she has found her style to be very bold and modern. Showing depth and highlights, with the focus on black and white ink, but seemingly creating many layers, her artwork is unique in the best ways possible. She is taking the world by storm and has been featured in various exhibitions all around the world as well as digitally! Representing and supporting all those, who are not heard and underrepresented in today's society.

''With my art, I want to represent all kinds of bodies, of all genders and sexualities. It’s very important to me to give those a voice who have been underrepresented in the past and show them my respect and support with my inclusive art pieces. I identify as a queer woman whose sexuality is fluid and I want to encourage others to explore and love themselves in a society that has created a heteronormative world. I have faced many challenges in the world as a mixed woman and I want them to be seen and acknowledged by my surroundings. Sometimes my art pieces are seen as „erotic“, but I wouldn’t necessarily class them as such, I would rather not put them in a category. Sometimes my art will make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable because it portrays issues that are not commonly talked about or shown in the mainstream media. Although some people won’t understand my art, I love what I do and I appreciate the support that I get from the community around me. I developed the technique I use in 2017, while I was attending a college-level drawing class for two semesters and at the end of the second semester, we were assigned to do a „free“ art piece. That’s when I experimented with different mediums, but black ink just stayed with me. Since then I perfected my skills and I love creating these simple but complex pieces with my „messy line“ technique as I call it.''


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