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Julia Prikhodko/ Book Edition

Art was always one of the ‘5 big things’ in Julia’s life. From kindergarten’s artworks and 5 years of art school to current moment with no option to escape this inner call. Julia mostly works with graphical materials such as paper and liner pens and digital tools to provide bigger room for

experiments. Her visual stories are illustrations- reflections which resonate with mixed feelings and inner conflicts. They show the complexity of adult’s life with an aftertaste of naïve kid’s worlds. Extensive usage of botanical motifs is a particular way, how Julia sees the beauty in the world around her.

In order to provide the infinite growth as an artist Julia does mentoring program with great illustrator Gleb Solntsev; finished professional illustration course. She also worked over some successful commercial projects including partnership with illustration agency Bang!Bang!Studio.

Born in Kazakhstan, currently lives in Sweden.


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