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Karla Sanchez/ Drawings & Sketches

Karla Sanchez is a Mexican-American artist and illustrator currently based in Memphis. They work in digital and mixed media to explore their interests in personal themes such as personal narrative, symbolism, and immigration. Along with an intimate investigation of religion, identity, emotions, and memories. Their practice shows the interactions and effects on an individual through the lens of an immigrant.

Bow down to the Sun and pray (2021-2022) is an ongoing comic with original text from a prose poem of the same name, in which details a journey in the desert under the watchful gaze of the sun. This work features personal symbology and narrative, with the Sun as a God that watches over, decides who survives and grants permission to the other side. The first page is preface with an introduction to the sun as a being that immigrants pray to for mercy during their journeys. Over the course of the pages, the effects and power of the sun are twisted in with ordered moments of prayer throughout the journey, along with the stated fact that the viewer (immigrant) is a child of the sun and will never leave him behind. Even if they make it to the other side, they will always belong to the sun.
Bow down to the Sun and pray


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