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Katrina Cobb/ Spring Issue

Katrina Cobb, an architect by education (Masters, Texas A&M, 2008), and global adventurer, transitioned to visual arts in 2022. Shaping her artistic journey, she draws from her background in design coupled with her love of the immersive experiences of music and travel as a digital nomad, employing a self-taught tactile impasto technique with a palette knife. The shift from architectural precision to a free-flowing expression informs her vibrant artworks, showcased in solo exhibitions like "Wanderlust" in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (2023) and group exhibitions like the International Contemporary Arts Fair in Paris, France (2024) and “Panorama” at Van Gogh Art gallery in Madrid (2024). Cobb's work encapsulates the human spirit's yearning for expression and connection, creating a visual symphony that doesn’t just depict scenes; it invites you to feel.


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