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Konstantinos Koumlis/ Book Edition

Konstantinos Koumlis was born in Thessaloniki in 1992.He grow up in Thessaloniki and now he is studying painting at the School Of Fine And Applied Arts in Florina. He has participated in group exhibitions and furthermore in various workshops, which are related to the material. His artistic work based mainly on binding various materials. He usually likes to collect items that people throw away because they are not usable and heal them in his own way. Closing the works of the artist are based on photography, sculpture and installation. In my photos I almost always want to find things, objects or places that usually people do not pay much attention to and just pass by. I am not a professional photographer but the immediacy of the camera serves me when I wander to create images that I just imagine setting up my own frame. I love fine arts, but the main reason I love them is because I find my own path with them.


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