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Laura Campbell/ Book Edition

Updated: Feb 6

Laura Campbell (b.1998) is a British interdisciplinary artist based in Oxford. She received her BA in Fine Art at York St John University (2021), and MFA in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University (2023). Her work has been exhibited internationally, as a prize winner for the Eleanor Worthington Prize in Urbino, Italy in 2020, and has contributed to the YUMETOMO Project’s 20,000 Origami Cranes Exhibition, in Kadoma City, Osaka, Japan in 2022.

Campbell’s practice examines how her experience of disability intersects with the socio-political spheres present within contemporary arts. She explores the sculptural nature of images through the bodily representations of stretching, pain, and care. Campbell provides discourse on social policy and accessibility, challenging patriarchal and ableist political ideology whilst navigating her artistic practice through theories of phenomenology, responding to materials she finds representative of her conditions.


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