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Laura Parker/ Sea In Me

Laura Parker is a self-taught artist and painter based in the London area. Laura is inspired by the natural world - from dramatic underwater views, to expansive landscapes, intimate still lifes and abstract works. Originally a historian of art and architecture, which she first studied when living in Paris and Rome in her 20s and then again at Kingston University in her 40s, she became a curator and consultant in the architectural field. It was only later in life that she turned to the direct experience of creating artworks herself. Laura works predominantly in acrylics, while also exploring the use of other materials. Currently Laura is creating multi-layered mixed-media artworks, working on a series of panels simultaneously. She builds up layers, using recycled paper for collage and creating marks with crayon, pen, pencil, charcoal, pastel and paint. Her love of colour adds drama, so bringing energy and vitality to her artworks and helping to communicate her artistic vision. Laura is a member of ArtCan and Richmond Art Society. She is represented by BobCat Gallery in London. The Summer 2022 edition of “ArtSeen” Magazine included a 2-page feature on Laura’s art practice. Laura also had two works short-listed for the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2022 In 2021 Laura’s underwater painting “In Deep” was featured in W1-Curates #LightItBlue campaign supporting the NHS, leading to articles in diving and local publications, an interview on BBC World Service Radio, and a 3-page article in Diver Magazine Laura exhibits regularly. She has participated in numerous ArtCan group exhibitions, most recently “Winter” and “Eye of the Beholder”. Also this year, Laura has participated in “Splash, Drip, Throw”, an international online show of abstract art with Visionary Art Collective NY; “Wild and Wonderful” and “Waterways”, both exhibitions with BobCat Gallery. Her works have been acquired by private collectors all over the world.

"Art is a strand of my life that has developed as I’ve grown older. For many years, art was something I loved and studied, gaining a degree in History of Art & Architecture at 45, but it had never occurred to me to try to create my own work. At fifty, I began painting the landscape, and colourful still lifes. Then I used my scuba-diving experiences to depict the underwater world, producing images of marine life and of rusting wrecks - those strange shapes and silhouettes really fascinate the artist in me. The natural world, and in particular water (above it, below it, and reflections in it), are a constant inspiration and stimulus to my work. Recently I find greater self expression in working more abstractly, creating artworks that are less representational but more emotional, expressive and authentic to my artistic vision."


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