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Lesia Kvitka/ Book Edition

Lesia Kvitka, a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and documentary film director, originates from Ukraine and is currently basing in Vienna, Austria.

Lesia's artistic journey began amidst the war in her homeland, leading to a subsequent refugee experience that brought her and her 12-year-old son from Ukraine to Vienna. In her previous life, she held roles as a creative producer and digital creator, but life's circumstances prompted a

profound shift in her mindset and values.

Engaged in extensive work with multimedia, hybrid art, and documentary filmmaking, Lesia is immersed in a creative exploration that aligns with her evolving perspectives and passions.

Der Augenblick (2023)

Generative animation

"Der Augenblick" emerged in 2023 as a generative animation project, born from concerns about a potential nuclear catastrophe. This collaboration with AI entities explores the delicate intersection of technological experimentation and ecological consciousness. It becomes a conduit for exploring our connection with the environment, emphasizing the urgency of addressing ecological concerns through artistic expression and cutting-edge technology.


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