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Lewis/ Street Photography

"I received my first camera when I was six years old, which was part of an adventure set. I graduated Plymouth CAD in 1998 with a HND in media production and a Ba (hons) in photo-media and started working as a studio assistant in London. In 2006 I received arts council funding for the project “Culture of our times (nature vs nurture) which dealt with the themes of Identity and Environment, my personal artistic practice has focus on these themes ever since. From 2011 – Present I have explored these themes with young people in schools and community settings. As an artist I am on a journey to explore my own inner truth through a variety of subjects. These can be seen as the conduit that bridges my own perception of reality with the rest of the world, enabling me to communicate with people viewing. I am drawn to shape and form, and by focusing on a particular part of the subject, a new interesting point can emerge, separate from the whole. Identity and environment is the key theme that runs through all my work as I feel this is pivotal in the effective communication of any art form."


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