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Lunyu Fu/ Autumn Issue

Lunyu Fu was born in Beijing, currently lives in London. The CEO of PupPeeGallery; the head of QQ Paradise; the best friend of dogs. 'All of my works talk about love. Art is a special gift I can give to someone I love. It might be a gown, a tree, or an action in vain. If I cannot help you change the fact, may I build a paradise in your mind? With an environmental design background, the spatial narrative is always involved in my works. For the forms of creation, I paint, print, plant, take photos and videos... Never know what I am going to try the next time. As the CEO of PupPeeGallery, my business includes Recycle and Recreation of dog urine (image), Performance Management, Pre-marital Credit Investigation, Break-up Restoration and other related businesses for large/medium/small dogs. '


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