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Lydia Monfort/ Nude Art

Lydia Monfort was born in Athens, Greece, in 1997. She graduated from the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens in 2022. From September of 2019 to February of 2020 she lived in Porto, Portugal, due to university exchange. During her studies in Athens she was working as a junior Architect mainly in the field of renovation and reconstruction. However, architecture is not only about the buildings. And Monfort is not just an architect. She rethinks the way we- the contemporary human beings-cyborgs- are dealing with ourselves and are involved with each other. She wants to give birth to new ways of expression and also tries to think and act collectively. She is currently working in the field of Architecture but she also uses different forms of art, photography, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, in order to cope with the endless horror and infinite magic of existence. Last but -totally- not least, Monfort is to be really passionate about sculpture, photography and the cinema. She also enjoys oysters and studying Deleuze (which is not as irrelevant as it may seem)

Exploring oneself is not a self-centered process. Nudity most of the time feels like the ultimate climax. A climax intertwined with the contiguity of the repressed. The repressed desire, the unfathomable exist, the non-fulfillment of a belonging. Through the bodies' performativity the old springs like new. Deepest interpretation of our actions is being provoked through nudity. Photography is there as a mechanism to act in complicity with our body and capture the moment the light is on. The light that illuminates our attractive flaws. Being naked is like being free exploring an inner self, an inner child. Chasing sunsets, just like kids, playing with everything that earth provides -with the simplest, less effort involved- is an attempt to reach a collective recollection and release our burdens.


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