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Mad Riande/ Summer Issue

Madeleine Riande currently works and lives in Brooklyn, Ny. Riande works in installations, video, sculpture, performing and kinetic art to question how the brain works through trauma as repressed events ignored to consciousness. flashbacks, nightmares are diffused images from trauma. all memory is partly fiction. Riande works with the study of biological processes of the brain and how it is plastically transformed from experiences. how the brain evolves by society and technology. “We are cyborgs'.' Riande attended the Savannah College of Arts and Design (Savannah, GA) for an BFA in Industrial Design and Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) for an mfa. her work has been exhibited at Rubelle & Norman Schafler Gallery (Brooklyn,Nyc) , Workspace gallery (manchester, connecticut),satellite art fair (miami, florida) CCI- centro cultural internacional, galleria Mateo Sariel, Galeria Habitante (Panama city, Panama), among others.


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